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CHICAGO — A St. Louis man was severely injured during a hit-and-run crash on Michigan Avenue as a driver attempted to flee a traffic stop.  

Chicago police initially reported Bryce Summary was in good condition after the crash but his family says he has suffered severe injuries, including the loss of his lower extremities.

Bryce Summary gives a thumbs up from a Northwestern Hospital bed. (Photo: Amy Summary)

“It’s true what they say, your life can change in a matter of seconds and that’s what happened,” wife Amy Summary told WGN News.

Summary says she and her husband walked down Magnificent Mile on their way to dinner on May 12 when the unthinkable occurred.

“Bryce yelled, ‘look at that,’ and I felt a push and I saw a white SUV coming at us,” Summary said.

Police say a white Mercedes tried to evade a traffic stop but hit another car before barreling into a building at the corner of Michigan Avenue and E. Ohio Street.

“After I heard the crash, I thought Bryce would be right behind me and when he wasn’t there instantly, I knew something was wrong,” Summary said.

Bryce became pinned under the vehicle. Afterward, nearby healthcare workers who witnessed the crash immediately administered treatment, applying tourniquets to Bryce’s crushed legs.

“If it weren’t for those nurses and the police that were on the scene, I don’t know if we would still be here. If he would still be here with us,” Summary said.

Police say a white Mercedes tried to evade a downtown traffic stop. (Photo: File)

Amidst 10 days spent at Northwestern Hospital, Bryce has undergone six surgeries – including two leg amputations.   

“He’s just trying to stay positive and hopeful,” Summary said.

In the meantime, police continue searching for the Mercedes driver. Authorities say the driver fled on foot following the crash.

“By the time I thought to even look up and away from Bryce, they were gone,” Summary said. “The door was open,” Summary said.

Although the Summary’s say justice is on the brain, so is family. The couple says they are eager to return home to their two boys in St. Louis.

“We’ll have our good days, we’ll have our bad days, but we just have to focus on the fact that we’re both still alive and we’re here for each other and our kids,” Summary said.

Bryce and Amy Summary pictured with her their two boys. (Photo: Amy Summary)

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The Summary family has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical bills, lodging, clothes, and other expenses. The page has raised more than $8,000.