CHICAGO — Last summer, drag racers and drifters created big headaches and safety concerns for residents as they took over city streets. Now, the Loop is better equipped to reduce illegal meet-ups, according to city officials.

In an effort to curb drag racing and drifting downtown, several new speed reduction fixtures have been installed around the Loop where the incidents happened last year.

The fixtures include several speed bumps, along with two detached bumps and a series of eight posts.

“It’s definitely needed,” said Fatima Rouf, a resident in the Loop. “You know that the speed bumps will slow them down.”

The speed reduction fixtures are the latest implementation put in place to help address drag racing, drifting and other sideshows throughout the City. Last summer, City Council gave police the authority to tow vehicles and deflate tires of vehicles used in illegal activities.

“I think it’ll slow it down,” said Leon Cathey, another Loop resident. “But you know, if it’s a will it’s a way. People are going to find a way.”