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CHICAGO — A vehicle owned by the Chicago Police Department’s Chief of Internal Affairs was involved in a drug arrest on the West Side earlier this month, according to police sources.

The car, registered to CPD Chief Yolanda Talley, was recovered by a CPD gang team on the West Side earlier this month, according to CPD sources. Talley’s niece was driving and her boyfriend was a passenger in the vehicle.

The boyfriend of Talley’s niece was arrested, though Talley’s niece was released without charges. Sources say the vehicle was returned to Talley shortly after the arrest occurred.

The arrest occurred Feb. 1 in the 500 block of North St. Louis, and the incident report noted that officers recovered about 42 grams of heroin worth $6,300. The Sun-Times reported that the boyfriend of Talley’s niece, Kenneth Miles, was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Don Terry, a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, declined to answer questions about the arrest, and Talley was not available for an interview.

“This matter was immediately referred to the office of the Inspector General for investigation,” Terry said in a statement.

Natalie Kuriata, a spokeswoman for the OIG, confirmed that the office received the request from CPD earlier this month.

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Talley joined the CPD 26 years ago and was promoted to Chief of Internal Affairs last December. Prior to the promotion, she led the CPD’s effort to diversify its ranks and also served as commander of the Austin District on the West Side, according to the CPD.