CHICAGO — Shots were fired on Chicago’s North Avenue Beach hours after it opened on Friday for the summer.

According to information from the Chicago Police Department, about 80 teens were at the beach when a fight broke out around 1:30 p.m.

Shots were fired during the fight and no one was injured, police said.

One person, a juvenile, was eventually taken into custody, police said. A second person, who Interim CPD Superintendent Fred Waller said had two weapons on him, was also taken into custody.

WGN-TV News crews did see a white park district truck near a lifeguard station that appeared to have a bullet hole in the back and passenger side windows.

“I am aware of the events that have taken place at North Avenue Beach late this afternoon,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said in a tweet. “I am in contact with our first responders and continue to keep a close eye and monitor the situation as details unfold.”

Officers were checking bags before people were allowed on the beach.

The beach was closed while officers were investigating but it has since reopened.

*Visitors to Chicago’s Millennium Park are scanned for metal objects and have their bags checked by flashlight Thursday, May 25, 2023. Chicago is heading into the Memorial Day weekend hoping to head off violence that tends to surge with rising temperatures of summer. Even the state of Illinois is assisting by sending in what it’s called “peacekeepers” in an attempt to deescalate violent situations. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Just hours after the shooting, Chicago police officers held a roll call with community partners and organizations at Millennium Park.

Officials who spoke said they hope to connect with teens and prevent any problems needing a law enforcement response.

“We’re asking our teens to remember, their actions matter,” Waller said. “And that they all have a part to play to keep our city and residents safe.”

At 6 p.m. Friday, a curfew went into effect at the park. Minors under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by someone over the age of 21.

In the downtown area, officers are stepping up patrol and hope to head off any potential violence that could spark.

Community groups, like Englewood First Responders, will also be close by to help keep the peace.

“Try to decrease whatever problem they might have throughout the city,” Englewood First Responder CEO Charles McKenzie said.

Saunte Brown, 16, has had enough of hearing about the violence in the city. She’s spending her weekend engaging and encouraging other teens to make better decisions.

“Instead of being violent, just try to do something productive, that changes people’s lives and not harm them,” Brown said.

Joseph Williams with Mr. Dads Father’s Club said people in the city might notice several community groups and police officers trying to maintain peace over the weekend.

“You’re starting to see everyone because, you know, it’s going to take everyone to solve this issue,” Williams said.