CHICAGO — Even after moving, a Chicago woman’s vehicle was targeted again in the last five months for her catalytic converter.

Back in December, Nancy Rodriguez spoke with WGN News after the catalytic converter was stolen from her Toyota Prius in Humboldt Park.

Following the theft, she moved to Logan Square where she thought things would be safer.

At around 4:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, a car alarm woke Rodriguez up. She said a man was cutting the catalytic converter from underneath her Prius as another man stood guard.

“They were so bold that they didn’t care that it’s going off and that I actually see them,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez tried to yell at them, but they were gone within minutes.

“It’s two minute and they know police won’t get there in that time frame,” she said.

Cell phone footage of one of the suspects

Now, Rodriguez is out another $2,500.

“I just think it’s sad and pathetic,” she said.

Mechanics said catalytic converter thefts are on the rise. They can be resold for about $150, depending on the size. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, the Toyota Prius seems to be a prime target, mechanics said.

She is still in disbelief that it happened to her twice in just five months.

“Frustration, sadness, pettiness for these criminals because they’re not going in the right direction,” she said.