CHICAGO — A second person of interest is being questioned by the Chicago Police Department in the shooting attack of Dakotah Earley in May 2022.

Earley, 23, was shot near Webster and Wayne Avenue in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood on Sunday, May 6, 2022.

Surveillance video of the incident captured a white sedan heading down Webster Avenue and turning the corner onto Wayne Avenue. The offender exited the vehicle and hides behind a corner building, occasionally peeking around to check if Earley was approaching.

The offender then came out from hiding, approached Earley and displayed a gun. Earley handed his bag over to the robber, then reached for the offender’s gun. The two began to wrestle and fell to the ground, when a second offender emerged from the vehicle with a gun.

The first offender then gets up off the ground, shoots Earley and then runs back to the vehicle.

The second offender was seen standing over Earley for a couple seconds, shoots him, then returns back to the car. Earley was left on the ground and can be heard in the video moaning.

The aspiring young chef had to undergo several surgeries and procedures for his injuries, including getting a portion of his leg amputated.

Tyshon Brownlee, 19, was charged with attempted murder and armed robbery in the shooting. According to court documents, Brownlee allegedly robbed three separate people roughly five hours before the shooting of Earley.

CPD reported that they are speaking with a second person of interest on Monday in relation to the 2022 shooting attack.