CHICAGO — A man was robbed and struck in the head during a home invasion Tuesday night in Irving Park.

Just before 5:50 p.m., CPD said a 38-year-old man was in his residence in the 4200 block of North Sawyer when he heard glass break.

The man then observed three males, dressed in all black, entering through a window. One of the males struck the 38-year-old in the head as money and jewelry were demanded.

The group left through the front door, CPD said.

Neighbors told WGN News they were surprised to hear something like this happened.

“This particular block has been extremely safe for 35 years. I’ve been here and I’ve never heard of anyone being armed personally,” William Toedt said.

Mary Laras’ husband was out mowing the lawn around 5 p.m. Tuesday when a dark-colored SUV suddenly took off down the block, eventually letting out two or three men at the apartment building at the end of the street. 

“They just got out as the car paused there to let them out and they went in there,” she told WGN News.

Laras’ husband ran over to help the victim, who neighbors say was with his two sons at the time of the incident. 

“The little boy was the one that was frantic because he says, ‘They hit my father, they hit my father,'” Laras said.

The man was transported to St. Francis in good condition.

No one is in custody.