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CHICAGO — A man has been reunited with his dog after his vehicle was carjacked with his pet still inside on the city’s Near West Side.

Tim Sheridan was carjacked around 6 p.m. Tuesday on Western Avenue and Madison Street near Pete’s Fresh Market grocery store, just west of the United Center.

Sheridan said he had just gotten money out of an ATM and got back into his blue Toyota Prius, when someone with a gun approached him and said “you’re getting carjacked.”

Sheridan said he handed over his keys and wallet, and the offender took off in his vehicle with Bowie, his 7-year-old dog, still in the backseat.

About an hour after the carjacking and after the dog’s photo was posted on several different social media platforms — including Nextdoor — an employee at Pack Life spotted Bowie and reached out to Sheridan.

Sheridan and Bowie were reunited shortly after at the boarding and dog daycare on the city’s West Side, and became emotional as he profusely thanked Pack Life’s employees for finding his dog.

“I’m great honestly, this is all I cared about. I just wanted my dog back, I love her so much. Everyone loves her so much. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m OK, it’s a drag. But maybe the car will turn up, but she’s the important thing,” Sheridan told WGN.

Police have not yet located Sheridan’s vehicle or the suspect involved in the carjacking.