CHICAGO — A man was arrested Tuesday after scaling the Accenture Tower in the city’s West Loop.

The 42-story building, located at 500 West Madison Street, houses the Consul General of Israel.

Tenants on the south side of the building were told to stay away from windows as the man managed to scale up the length of the high-rise.

(Photo credit: Michael Tomsa)

The man reached the rooftop and was immediately taken into police custody. Charges are pending.

He has been identified as an alleged anti-abortion activist who goes by the name “Pro-life Spider-Man” on social media. A video of him climbing the Accenture Tower was livestreamed on his Instagram account.

He was calling attention to a non-profit called Let Them Live.

“Crowdfund money when women come to us seeking financial support, we can help them,” co-founder Emily Berning said. “We pay their rent, we pay their utilities.”

Berning said Tuesday’s risky climb was dedicated to one young mom.

“A mom named Sierra who’s 17-weeks pregnant,” Berning said. “She has an abortion scheduled for this Saturday the 14th. She’s on the verge of eviction. She has two kids.”

This is the eighth time he has climbed a high-rise for a cause.