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CHICAGO — As more armed robberies and carjackings on the North Side leave Chicagoans on edge in the neighborhoods they call home, residents took to the pavement to try and find a solution to the unlawful surge.

Since Dec. 6, police have responded to 11 robberies or carjackings in Lincoln Park. Ald. Michele Smith (43rd Ward) organized a community walk as the peace and tranquility of days past is now in the crosshairs of criminals.

“This is our community, and we’re going to show you by being out here,” Smith said.

Smith said extra patrol in the area is already working.

“[Police] made an arrest last night with one person in a carjacking, and we are so thrilled with the great police work,” she said. “The guy went to bond court and is staying in custody which is very important to have violent offenders stay in custody.”

In response to the uptick in violent crime, police issued a community alert warning residents to remain vigilant. As armed robberies and carjackings on the North Side rise, so too are spikes in liquor stores and restaurant burglaries.

Police say the offenders are working in two or three-person crews.

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In the act of solidarity, community members walked down the very streets where some of these crimes had occurred.

“I think there is a handful of bad actors,” Paul Mokdessi, a neighborhood resident, said. “A handful of people and crews that are coming and taking advantage of the situation, and I think we can stop it, though. I’ve lived in Chicago for over 30 years and never felt this way. So I think this is a temporary thing.”