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CHICAGO — Despite horrific acts of violence this weekend in Chicago, Supt. David Brown said CPD is making strides combating gun violence.

On Monday, after weekend violence left 10 people dead and 65 wounded — city officials emphasized progress in reducing crime.

“The reality is June over June, we’re seeing a downward trend in both homicides and shootings,” Mayor Lightfoot said.

While city statistics in the last 28 days shows a drop from 82 murders in 2020 to 62 this year — murders are still up year-to-date over 2020; with 282 in 2021 compared to 269 last year.

There were seven fewer murders this Father’s Day weekend compared to last year and 24 fewer shooting victims, according to Chicago police.

“We’re seeing a downward trajectory where other cities are continuing to see a climb. Now, I’m the first to tell you that’s cold comfort to a single person that’s been shot, a single person who’s been killed,” Lightfoot said.

Over the weekend, Chicago police worked high-profile incidents of violence in Humboldt Park and the Loop. In one incident, a woman was stabbed to death on South Wacker Drive.

Although the violence make people feel less safe, Superintendent Brown insists violence is down. Police said they recovered 172 guns over the weekend for a total of 5,546 so far this year.

“Every gun recovered by a Chicago police officer is a deadly force encounter. Also, every gun recovered has a potential to reduce violence from firearms,” said Supt. Brown. “With our whole of government approach we’re actually starting to bend the curve of violence in the city but for those sensational incidents.”

Chicago police is working to create a designated recruiting team after retirements have soared. More officers have left the force this year than all of 2018, data shows.

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