CHICAGO — What was supposed to be a night of celebration for one couple turned into grief following a brazen robbery in the West Loop.

Speaking with WGN News less than 24 hours after the armed robbery, on the condition of anonymity, the couple remains unsettled.

“We were just trying to enjoy a night out for my birthday, have a nice dinner,” said the woman who was out celebrating her 39th birthday.

The couple was walking back to their car around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday on Green Street near Madison in the West Loop when they say two men appeared and started attacking them.

“I look up and I just see two individuals carrying what looked to be 9mm and with additional clips on the bottom of it,” the male victim said.

“As I was yelling for help and screaming, he told me to ‘shut the f up’ and literally grabbed my handbag right from my arm,” the woman said.

The robbers made off with the victim’s Louis Vuitton purse, her wallet, and the male victim’s cash. People nearby heard her screams and called 911.

“It was enough to literally startle them,” the male victim said.

As the suspects sped away, the woman said her eyes were laser-focused on the car, its color, and its license plate.

“I was able to capture the state and the license plate number,” the woman said.

About two hours later, surveillance video captured the same car and New York license plate. Police say they arrested the driver and the passenger, who hopped out of the vehicle before it came to a stop.

CWB Chicago reports a Chicago Police helicopter tracked them down after a robbery spree. CWB says the crew was responsible for a second armed robbery on the West Side on Ogden and a third in Lincoln Park.

All occurred within 45 minutes of the couple’s mugging.

“They literally just took a right, went maybe a mile down the road, took a right, it sounds like, and did it again,” the male victim said.

The couple said they are thankful to be OK but added that their experience has them ready to pack up and move out of the city.

“It’s just gotten to the point where it’s unacceptable.”