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CHICAGO — The fiancée of a father of three shot and killed after asking a man to move his car on the West Side last week is seeking justice.

Police said a 36-year-old man, later identified as Karl Washington, and another man started arguing in an alley in the 2600 block of North Mobile Avenue just before 10 p.m. Friday night. Washington was trying to park his car in his garage which was blocked by another vehicle.

Fiancée Adeline Millet said the couple were coming back from a date when they noticed a vehicle blocking their driveway. Washington got out of his car and asked the man to move his vehicle.

Police said the driver starting pushing Washington. When Washington, a father of three, pushed back — the driver shot and killed him.

“You’re a coward. Over an argument you shot him. You’re a coward. God knows what you did so that’s it,” Millet said.

Millet started CPR, only to soon realize his legs were under the car of the suspect who shot him.

“I just started and I had to stop to pull his legs. They would have ran over his legs and they went around to make it in the car. One of them jumped over me to get in the car,” Millet said.

Millet said she knows who killed him.

“They took him away from me so I’m going to make sure they know who did it,” she said.

Until then, she said she will continue to mourn and be there for Washington’s children.

Anyone with information can leave an anonymous tip at