CHICAGO — Chicago police are looking for the suspects who the department says stole a man’s vehicle at a gas station on the city’s West Side.

The incident happened at a moment’s notice at a gas station in the city’s Wicker Park neighborhood. The man who was carjacked escaped with his life, though the crime is the latest in a string of carjackings that have plagued the city of Chicago.

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Around 4 a.m., at the intersection of Western and North avenues, three cars drove onto the lot. The owner of the Honda CRV exited the vehicle and entered the store. It was then that a man gets out of one of the three cars, runs over to the Honda, jumps in and tries to take off. Instead, he is met by the owner who ran out of the store when he saw what was happening.

A confrontation ensued and the owner of the vehicle was able to pull the man out of the vehicle. But then a second suspect intervenes, assaulting the owner of the Honda before making off with his vehicle.

Alex Nicholas, a neighborhood business owner, says none of the aforementioned narratives surprises him at all these days.

“In the city of Chicago, you know it’s not always the safest. This is just one of many attempts that I’ve heard of people actually getting others for what they may have on them or doing what they can to get somebody in a more vulnerable situation than what they already are,” Nicholas said.

A police squad was in the neighborhood at the time of the assault and responded moments later.

The victim was hurt but refused medical treatment. Police recovered the stolen Honda several blocks away not long after.

No suspects are in custody.

Anyone with information may leave an anonymous tip at