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CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department’s new task force on illegal drifting and street takeovers announced a string of arrests and impoundments Monday.

CPD said they made nine arrests, seven impoundments, and identified 22 other vehicles for future impoundments over the weekend.

“We are committed to consequences for these people,” said CPD superintendent David Brown. “Especially taking the cars that are being used for this. When we don’t have consequences, [street takeovers] are going to continue so, that number of cars impounded will grow.”

The arrests and impoundments come as more street takeovers took place over the weekend in the Bronzeville neighborhood. Two 18 year olds were arrested in connection to those street takeovers.

“One of the things that these groups do is highlight their drag racing on social media, but that’s evidence for us to tow their car at a later date,” Brown said.

CPD’s task force has been in place now for over a month now and was originally set up to enforce a new ordinance passed by city council in July. The ordinance empowered CPD officers to arrest, impound vehicles, and place a fine up to $10,000 on those involved in illegal drifting, drag racing and street takeover activities.