CHICAGO — Chicago police spoke out Tuesday afternoon about several issues, including ongoing gun violence in the city.

Chicago police Supt. David Brown said homicides and shootings, compared to last year, for the first couple of weeks in July, are down 44% and 26%, respectively.

From January to July, Brown said homicides are down 14% and shootings have declined by 18% compared to 2021. 

Law enforcement officials also spoke about collaborative efforts with bar and restaurant owners to help address gun violence. The city has reportedly spent $1 million on weekend activities to keep teenagers engaged.

With gatherings known as “trends,” seeing hoards of young people flock to beach areas and downtown locations lately, specifically on Friday and Saturday nights, questions arose about the campaign’s success.

“We want to provide additional opportunities so that if someone doesn’t want to go to a “trend,” they have a place to go,” said Tamara Mahal, chief coordinating officer for Chicago’s Community Safety Coordination Center.

Added Brown: “It’s not illegal for young people to gather on our beaches or downtown, it’s not illegal. So again, this effort is progressing, it’s expanding, and with the metrics of double-digit decline in shootings and homicides victimization of our young people, we’ll keep going.”

Anyone interested in activities for young people may download the “MyChi” app to learn more about weekend events.