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CHICAGO — Chicago police released their monthly crime numbers and said homicides went down in May compared to May 2020.

The city saw more than 30 people shot with three killed over the Memorial Day weekend, which is the least violence the city has seen over this holiday weekend since 2013.

Murder numbers have gone down compared to what the city saw in May 2020. There were 65 homicides this May and 84 in 2020. The lowest within the past four years was 2018 with 51 killings happening in May.

While there’s been a decrease in carjackings, the city has seen a 5% increase in murder so far this year with a 24% rise in shootings this year.

“This approach is a great launch for the rest of the summer,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown. “But we have a lot of work to do. No one is celebrating anything.”

WATCH: Chicago Police Supt. David Brown gives update on summer safety after May crime numbers released

Brown pointed to an enhanced community outreach strategy rollout this summer in the city’s most violent neighborhoods. Metropolitan Family Services and a host of other community organizations are part of the solution, says Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. With social outreach and law enforcement working together to defuse conflicts where violence is most common.

“Not only are we stopping shootings and killings and conflicts, but helping people move their lives forward with whatever services they need,” said Vaughn Bryant of Metropolitan Family Services. “This year in 12 communities and 72 blocks across the city, we hired additional flip workers, folks who have influence on these blocks, to help keep the peace on their corner.”

Later Tuesday, the superintendent of police plans to speak more on his public safety strategy for the summer as murders are on the rise.

Effective Tuesday, the downtown daily deployment plan will stop, and police will be returning to a regular schedule and the day-off cancellations will no longer be in effect.

City officers were asked to work 12 hour shifts to deter violence over the weekend.

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