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CHICAGO — Chicago police Supt. Brown said in a press conference Monday that murders are down so far this year. However, other areas of crime are up.

Year-to-date, shootings are down 15% and homicides are down 9%, according to data.

“Last year, the city had experienced 240 murders at this point. So far this year, there’s been 219 murders,” Brown said.

During the press conference, Brown pointed to an increase in the department’s homicide clearance rate.

“We’ve been at 60% or more with our clearance rate this year. That’s a high mark over the last couple of decades,” Brown said.

So far this year compared to last year, other areas of crime have been on the rise.

As of May 15, there has been a 41% increase (4,684) in motor vehicle theft compared to the same time last year (3,332).

Other areas with sharp increases are theft and burglary — at 67% (5,772) and 34% (2,543) respectively.

In Monday’s press conference, Supt. Brown said his officers have arrested 545 carjacking suspects so far this year, with more than half being juveniles.