CHICAGO — Chicago’s top police claimed ‘progress’ in the fight against crime despite a holiday weekend that saw more than 50 people shot and nearly a dozen guns found on city beaches.    

A crowded Memorial Day at North Avenue Beach alone saw 13 arrests on 11 guns pulled from the lakefront. Police were on hand as scuffles broke out and offenders threw glass bottles at officers. Despite the unruly events, Chicago police Supt. David Brown gave his officers a passing grade for the weekend.

“An ‘A’ for bravery, an ‘A’ for coverage, an ‘A’ for dedication, an ‘A’ for commitment,” Brown told reporters in a public safety briefing on Monday.

As thousands flocked to the lakefront on Memorial Day, officers made more than a dozen arrests for various offenses.

Brown says over the course of the weekend, gun arrests were up 69%, as officers recovered 250 guns over the last three days. Of the 250 guns confiscated, 75 were seized on Memorial Day, 11 of which were from North Avenue Beach.

“Who takes a gun to the beach?” Brown asked. “I mean, why do you need a gun to enjoy the beach?”

On Tuesday, Brown called for gun reform, saying the city and nation are awash in weapons.

“Multiple cities in this country had multiple shootings, high victimization everywhere,” Brown said. “The common denominator is guns, it’s the guns. It’s past time to get some significant, real gun reform in this country so we can save lives.”

With the summer now unofficially underway and multiple festivals, concerts, get-togethers, and good weather ahead, when asked if officers could expect to see more days off canceled, Brown stated: “Yes, we’ll have some rotation of canceled days off, but we’ll do it with peer support, employer assistance in mind, as well as not doing it any longer than we have to.”