CHICAGO — A Chicago TV host is home from the ER following an attack on a North Side Red Line train Monday night.

On Monday at around 8:30 p.m., Will Clinger, the host of “Wild Travels” on WTTW and one of the former hosts of “Wild Chicago,” was on a southbound Red Line train.

As the train pulled into the Addison station, the 64-year-old noticed something was off.

“There were two people sitting across from me and just as the train pulled into Addison, the woman darted across the aisle, grabbed my phone they both bolted out the door,” Clinger said. “I went after them. I chased them.”

What happened next is fuzzy. When Clinger woke up, he thinks he was in the ER surrounded by people trying to help him. Police said during the chase, Clinger was punched by one of the suspects.

His ordeal comes as the CTA deploys 200-plus unarmed guards to tackle rising crime, which is up a reported 17 percent over this time last year.

“I would firmly hope that they beef up their security both on the trains and on the platform because people should not have to worry about becoming victims of violence just taking the train downtown,” Clinger said.

He hopes other riders will take his story to heart.

“Don’t be holding your phone and be oblivious to anything around you and if you get your phone stolen don’t try to be a hero and catch the perpetrator, bad mistake,” Clinger said.

No suspects are in custody.