CHICAGO — Vera Lounge, the family-owned nightclub where a fight broke out Sunday morning leaving three people dead and one injured, is now closed.

The nightclub was shut down by the Chicago Police Department.

On Wednesday, CPD Superintendent David Brown issued a summary closure, temporarily closing the business at the corner of Central and Melrose.

Orders like these are issued when the superintendent determines an establishment presents a public safety threat due to a violent offense occurring at the establishment.

The fight on Sunday morning started inside and spilled out onto the streets. There is now a growing memorial for Ricky Vera, 50, Marion Pozuelos, 26, and Mercedes Tavares, 24.

Samuel Parsons-Salas, 32, is charged with three counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder for shooting Vera’s daughter, who was celebrating her 25th birthday.

“The bullet shattered part of her skull and there are currently bone fragments in her brain,” Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Anne McCord-Rogers said. “She is currently intubated and on a feeding tube.”

Prior to Sunday’s shooting, Parsons-Salas was charged in a 2009 double murder home invasion in Albany Park. Angelina Escobar and her finance Alex were killed.

In spite of numerous charges initially, Parsons-Salas pleaded guilty to two counts of home invasion, according to court records.

Records from the Illinois Department of Corrections show he was released from custody last September.

Diane Lauletta, Angelina’s mom, said she is not surprised Parsons-Salas is back in jail.

“Some people are bloodthirsty,” Lauletta said. “Bloodthirsty demons and monsters and they enjoy killing. And I believe he is one of them.”

According to the order closing Vera Lounge, the owner’s have the right to request a probable cause hearing before the mayor to determine whether a public safety threat occurred.