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CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department is making special weekend plans to deal with a wave of shootings, carjackings, burglaries and other violence.

CPD Supt. David Brown spoke Friday morning about the safety plan for the weekend. He said there will be an increased police presence downtown. The top cop also said officers will be more aggressive in terms of making arrests for criminal acts and also with minors being out past curfew.

Officers currently have one regular day off canceled — something has been a point of contention between at least two of the police unions who say officers have no time to decompress or spend time with their families. They also say, it doesn’t work, according to the crime numbers.

The crime continued Friday evening, with two men stealing merchandise from the North Face store located at 875 North Michigan Avenue. Police said the two men ran out of the store, shoved a 47-year-old man to the ground and got away in a Honda.

There has been a lot focus recently on the violence happening downtown. This past weekend video captured a CTA bus driver being beaten by a mob in the Loop.

In another incident, a 12-year-old girl was shot at Millennium Park. She’s recovering at Comer Children’s Hospital.

In total, Chicago police reported at least 33 people were shot last weekend in Chicago, nine were killed.