CHICAGO — A 46-year-old man has had his wrongful conviction of double murder officially overturned after spending 28 years behind bars.

David Wright was first arrested in Aug. 1994 for killing his friends Tyrone Rockett and Robert Smith, according to a release from his attorneys. It goes on to state, in “his petition for post-conviction relief, no physical evidence linked him to the murders, nor did any eyewitness witness identify him as being the perpetrator. Instead, in a story that has become all too common, Mr. Wright was convicted based on statements – a false “confession” – he signed following a grueling, abusive 14-hour interrogation by Chicago Police Detectives James Cassidy, Kenneth Boudreau, and John Halloran.”

WGN plans to livestream a press conference following his official exoneration hearing within this story. More details of his case will be added later today.