CHICAGO — A 21-year-old man is facing felony charges after he allegedly threatened Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey.

Police say Scott Lennox, of Chicago, is charged with three separate felony charges; threatening a public official, telephone harassment and harassment by electronic communications.

According to prosecutors, a political ad allegedly sent Lennox over the edge. Following a heated argument with friends, Lennox allegedly left Bailey a disturbing voicemail at his Springfield office.

“I’m going to skin Darren Bailey alive and feed his family to him. I know where Bailey lives, sleeps, and the school he works at. I’m going to make him scream and suffer. He better kill himself and if he doesn’t, I’m going to kill him,” the transcript of the voicemail reads, alleges prosecutors.

Darren Bailey released the following statement.

“Divisive, inflammatory, and misleading rhetoric is driving hatred across our state as some attempt to label political opponents as dangerous threats. Whether we agree or disagree on policies, we are all Americans. I pray this young man gets the help he needs. We must bring our state together and fight for the safety and prosperity of every Illinoisan.”

Lennox had his bond set at $75,000.