CHICAGO — Three weeks into the new year, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown called his critics “disgruntled” cops who just want to maintain the status quo.

During a Friday press conference, Brown held his ground after a recent Sun-Times article called his leadership into question. Four police supervisors told the outlet that they have lost faith in him for breaking up tactical teams and requiring officers to meet arbitrary quotas.

The superintendent called it hearsay and said he will not apologize for doing his job.

“We’re going to change the culture and there are people who liked the way things were,” he said.

Brown said the department already has 750 new applicants, even though other large police agencies are actively trying to recruit Chicago police officers. On Friday, Las Vegas police recruited in Rosemont.

In addition to commenting about the criticism, Brown said CPD is approaching 2022 with the same goals. So far this year, 87 people have been arrested for carjackings. Police said teens responsible for burglarizing Ulta across the city were recently arrested.

Over the holidays, retailers complained shoppers were concerned about crime and avoiding places like the Magnificent Mile.

“We need you to become a nosy neighbor if you’re not right now. Anything suspicious that you see in your neighborhood, please please call the police,” Brown said.

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Police said homicides are down 17% and carjackings are down 30%.