CHICAGO — More armed robberies in Chicago overnight as residents on the North and West sides are voicing their concerns.

In one of the latest incidents, a cellphone store was targeted in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Police said it happened at an AT&T store on the 1700 block of West Fullerton just before 8 p.m. Monday. Two armed males entered the store and stole multiple phones and other devices — as well as money. According to police, the victims in the incident had their hands restrained.

The offenders were able to get away in a white SUV and no one was injured.

Another string of armed robberies occurred after midnight Tuesday. Police said in the four incidents, two to three male offenders would exit vehicles and demand property from the victims at gunpoint.

The incidents happened at the following locations:

  • 3500 North Kimball Avenue
  • 400 North Aberdeen Avenue
  • 3000 West Carroll Avenue
  • 1100 West Van Buren Street

So far, no one is in custody in any of the robberies.

Multiple alderpeople met with residents at New Life Church on the Northwest Side to discuss the increase of crime happening in neighborhoods. The meeting was held after several strings of robberies happened over the latest week.

Chicago police said they’re using license plate readers, cell phone data and helicopters to help their investigations, but they need more information from neighbors. Authorities are hoping it all helps to decrease the issue.

Police said they are also investing in the youth to try and prevent crime.

An issue they believe is happening is offenders being released back to their parents because they are juveniles.