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CHICAGO — The family of a little boy injured in a hit-and-run, which stemmed from road rage, spoke out Sunday as Chicago police continue to look for the driver.

On Wednesday, 5-year-old Wisdom Parker was struck in the 8800 block of South Michigan Avenue after shots were fired amid a road rage incident on the Dan Ryan.

Police believe a Blue SUV and a red sedan were involved in the road rage incident that spilled over into a Chatham block. Shots were fired and then the Blue SUV struck the little boy, leaving the scene.

The driver of the red sedan stayed at the scene and expressed remorse for their involvement in the road rage incident, family said.

Police are still looking for the driver of the blue SUV and family wants the driver to turn himself in.

“I want him to turn himself in, I know he probably won’t, but I want him caught,” grandmother Sherry Parker. “I want him to pay, because my baby could have been gone.”

Wisdom spent two days in the hospital and came back home Friday to a large display outside of his home.

“I hit the grass and got ranned over so that’s when I had to go in the car,” Parker said. “That’s what happened.”

He can’t enjoy the nice weather because he has a full cast on due to a fractured leg.

Wisdom is set to graduate preschool on Friday, but did not have a way to walk across the stage until a thoughtful WGN viewers donated a wheelchair for the event.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the driver can leave an anonymous tip at

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