CHICAGO — Police investigate a string of robberies that took place at restaurants on the city’s North Side within the span on 30 minutes.

Police suspect that the same burglaries hit all four restaurants on the city’s Northwest Side.

The first burglary happened just before 4:00 a.m. Sunday at a restaurant, Rojo Gusano in North Center. About 10 minutes later, suspects hit a Mexican restaurant in Ravenswood.

Police say a pizza place on Sunnyside was robbed next. Police stated that the suspects got into each restaurant using a ply tool to break the glass window. Once inside it is suspected that they removed the cash registers and took them and alcohol.

The restaurants were in North Center and Lakeview.

The last robbery happened at around 4:20 on North Lincoln Avenue near Diversey Parkway and Racine. Detectives are seeking up to five suspects. Police haven’t released any detailed description of the people they are looking for. Police said they were wearing face masks and sweatshirts with hoods.

There was no additional information available.