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CHICAGO — Four men have been charged in federal court for allegedly trafficking guns from St. Louis to Chicago.

Federal authorities believe Robert Narup, of Washington, Missouri, allegedly bought firearms at gun shows around the country and then sold them to Jerome Boykin, of St. Louis.

Boykin then allegedly brought the firearms to Chicago and sold them to Rogelio Mancera, 27, of Schaumburg, in exchange for marijuana.

Federal authorities believe Mancera then resold the guns to Rodolfo Ortega — who then allegedly sold the guns to various buyers in Chicago.

Narup was charged with willfully dealing firearms without a license. He was arrested Friday in the St. Louis area after allegedly selling 18 firearms to an undercover agent.

Boykin was charged with possessing a firearm during a drug trafficking crime. He was arrested in the Chicago area on Oct. 8 after allegedly selling more than 20 firearms to Mancera.

Mancera was charged with willfully dealing firearms without a license. He was arrested Tuesday after federal agents searched his storage locker in Schaumburg and discovered more than 25 firearms, including machine guns, the complaint states.

Ortega was charged with illegally possessing two firearms that he allegedly sold to an individual in Chicago on Oct. 5. He was arrested Monday.

This summer, authorities announced a cross jurisdictional strike force aimed at reducing gun violence in the Chicago area. Fifty CPD officers are working with the ATF and the U.S. Attorney’s Office as part of the task force.

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