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JOLIET TOWNSHIP, Ill. — Two people were killed and “over a dozen” people were injured in a shooting at a Halloween party early Sunday morning, according to the Will County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said officers responded to 10 to 12 gunshots heard just before 12:40 a.m. in the area of Jackson Street and Walnut Street in Joliet Township. Upon a sergeant responding to the scene, approximately 100 people were witnessed fleeing eastbound on Jackson Street.

Witnesses said the shooting occurred in the backyard of a residence at 1018 East Jackson Street. Residents call the neighborhood Ridgewood.

“All of a sudden as we’re dancing and stuff by the patio shots started going off like by the porch,” said Adolfo Sandoval, who attended the party. “Even when we ran, we were just getting bombarded everywhere. Everyone was getting stepped on.”

Officers discovered numerous people with gunshot wounds in the backyard and near other residences in the area.

Police said over a dozen individuals were injured by gunfire and transported to local hospitals. Two individuals died from their injuries, and four other individuals were reported to have sustained life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses stated there were two shooters in the incident and that there were approximately 200 people at the party.

  • One shooter is described as a Hispanic man of average height, wearing a red hoodie, black flat-billed hat and dark pants.
  • The other shooter is described as an average-sized Black or Hispanic man wearing a yellow hoodie and a ski mask.

Police ask anyone with information to contact the Will County Sheriff’s Office at (815) 727-8574 extension 4930, or e-mail Anonymous tips can be reported here.