Chicagoans find common visions for improving the city, share them with Lightfoot

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CHICAGO — All around the city Tuesday, community leaders, students and neighbors came together to discuss unique ways to make Chicago better.

During the “On the Table” discussion series led by the Chicago Community Trust, dozens of groups made up of hundreds of diverse people came together, each focusing on proposing real solutions to a specific topic or issue. A total of 60 neighborhoods participated in the program in its sixth year.

This year has a special twist to it. With the theme is “Memo to the Mayor,”  Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot invited groups to share their ideas for improving the city with her, so she could consider making them a part of her own agenda moving forward.

“In my administration community voices will come first, and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you,” Lightfoot said in a video posted online.

Topics discussed range from economic development to education, housing, transportation and health care. It doesn’t end with just the conversation, as some of the groups can apply for grants to put on programming as well.


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