Chicagoans can now hail taxis with their smartphones

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CHICAGO — Chicagoans can now hail taxis with their smartphones.

All 12,700 licensed taxi drivers in the city are now required to be available through one of two apps while on the road.

About 4,500  taxi drivers in Chicago are registered on Curb. It’s just like other rideshare apps: you can select your location, and Curb lets you choose if you want to be picked up now. Or schedule a pick up for later.

There’s also Arro, which hopes to have about 5,000 drivers registered in the next few months. It  also lets you select your location to get a ride. But also, if you’re already in a taxi and want to pay via your smartphone, you can just enter a code and do so.

Both apps are now available in the Apple or Google Play stores.


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