CHICAGO — Even on a cool, damp day — Earth Day was marked around Chicagoland including along the lakefront.

Dozens came out to the Belmont Harbor to clean up from straws to cigarettes.

Amanda Baker, an Earth Day volunteer, said they want to make sure the earth is safe for future generations.

The Chicago Yacht Club and Alliance for the Great Lakes teamed up for the event.

A spring cleaning from Belmont and Monroe Harbors sees more action in the summer months.

“It’s important because we are at these two locations that we are good stewards of the earth, especially boat owners,” Addy Winker.

To many’s surprises, the cleanup in the area was light.

“Right.. it’s very clean we didn’t pick up as much trash as we thought we would, so that’s a good thing,” Precious Kleimonov said.

Winkler said smaller things break down slowly — a cigarette butt takes about 14 years to break down.

Perhaps a way on this Earth Day to that Earth Day is every day.

“Cause I love the lakefront is one of my favorite things about Chicago. We’re happy to help keep it clean,” Winkler said.