Chicago woman says she was sexually assaulted during driver’s test

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CHICAGO -- A Chicago woman say she was sexually assaulted during a driver’s test by a state employee last week.

The woman, who WGN News is calling “Judy” has gone to police but she contacted WGN News because she’s afraid the man she’s accusing has done this before.

And if no one speaks up, will do it again.

Judy was trying to get her driver’s license renewed and was taking her road test out of the Secretary of State’s office at 99th and King Dr.”

She says the sexual innuendo from the man testing her started right away and then he began to repeat a strange remark.

“He made several comments about being friends,” Judy said.  “’Do I want to make a friend or do I want to make an enemy?’”

Even when he had her pull into an alley and stop, she wasn’t worried until a man she estimates at 6’2 and over 250 pounds was tearing at her clothes.

“It happened so fast,” Judy said.  “By the time I knew it he was on top of me, holding me back and trying to unbuckle my seatbelt.”

Judy says some of her clothing was removed and that she was bitten during the attack.

Judy has been to a hospital and talked to police.

What she wants to do now is raise the alarm.

“If this has happened to anyone else, I’m hoping that they will speak out about it,” she said. “I wholeheartedly believe that he’s done this before.”

Police are investigating.

There are no charges at this point.

The Secretary of State’s office says the instructor has been taken off the road pending the outcome of the investigation.


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