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CHICAGO — There’s a new Guinness World Record holder and she’s done it right here in Chicago.

Jenny Doan broke the record for longest consecutive hula hooping. She hula hooped for 100 hours — earning only five minute breaks for each hour she hula hooped. That’s over four days of hula hooping with less than three hours sleep.

Her roommates were there on Saturday to cheer her on the whole way, and it was all for a good cause. Doan raised over $4,500 for Mental Health America.

“If we put on a movie that was three hours long, she wouldn’t stop. And she was like, ‘I think I can go for the world record,”Christopher Velluci, Doan’s roommate, said.

Velluci said Doan mapped it out the way a marathon runner would and started training.

Doan finished the challenge Saturday morning at District Brew Yards.