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Chicago crime statistics are at the lowest point they have been in decades, all across the city.

There are three areas with slight increases in crime.  But overall Chicago appears to be on track to have the lowest violent crime rate since 1972, and the lowest homicide rate since 1967.

Chicago has seen a strong drop in violent crime over the last two years with 16 out of 77 community areas reporting 25% or higher declines in violent crime rates between 2011 and 2013.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said he wanted to stretch his manpower as far as he could, until he went to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who said that he would help with additional funds.

“As each academy class came to maturity after their field training, we were going to put them into an impact zone,” McCathy told reporters today during a news conference at the 9th District police station, 3120 South Halsted Street. “The Mayor said, ‘Don’t do that. I will find the money. Let’s do it now. You set up the zones. We’ll do it on overtime.'”

Mayor Emanuel said people in all neighborhoods are not yet feeling that it is entirely safe.  But he says they are continuing to work.  He credits tough police work, and also the involvement of parents, after-school programs, jobs for youth, and efforts to improve unemployment conditions in different neighborhoods.