Tribune reporter carjacked outside Bridgeport Dunkin’ Donuts

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CHICAGO — A Chicago Tribune reporter was carjacked as she sat in her car outside a Bridgeport Dunkin’ Donuts early Monday morning.

For a reporter working the overnight shift, the 24-hour strip mall around the corner from a police station is usually a safe place to hang out. But at 2:30 a.m. Monday, the 29-year-old journalist— who asked to remain anonymous— became another victim of the surge in carjackings this year.

According to reports, she was sitting in her company-issued silver Chevy Malibu outside the coffee shop at 31st and Halsted when two men knocked on her window and told her to get out. She did not see a gun, but feared for her life, according to Tom Almaraz, Community Crime Watch.

“She was in shock. She didn’t know what to say. She was afraid. She thought she was going to get shot at or killed,” Almaraz said.

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by WGN shows the reporter entering the Dunkin’ donuts while the carjackers back out of the lot in her car. She was not hurt.

Witnesses said she was really shaken up and was crying on the phone when she called her boss at the Tribune. The thieves got away with her purse, wallet, company laptop and police scanners. She had only her house keys and phone.

“The lady was just sitting in her car. The guy told her to get out. It’s wrong but I know she doesn’t feel safe,” one witness said.

This crime is hitting the news community hard, especially those who work overnight and in typically dangerous situations, as the reporter was parked at a place that’s considered to be safe.

Police are investigating, and no arrests have been made in the case.

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