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SCHAUMBURG, Ill. –  Collectors and kids came out Sunday to the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg for 39th annual Chicago Toy Soldier Show.

“We all look our toys because those are the things that made us happy. For a lot of us, toy soldiers were the iconic toy in our toy box… so we’re all out here looking for our toys again,” founder Roger Garfield said.

Often more than “just” toys, the tiny toy soldiers can tell many stories about history and wars around the world. From the classic green plastic men to those resembling different epochs of British or French soldiers, they’re often made and painted with remarkably intricate details.

Visitors were able to spend time with vintage and antique toys, original toys that are compatible with the old toys and reproductions cast from the same molds as the original toys. Garfield has been putting on the show since 1980.