Chicago teen cleans up at violent crime scenes when city won’t

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**Warning: Story contains graphic images.****

CHICAGO —  As the community came together for a vigil last week for seven people killed in the South Shore neighborhood, a young activist saw another way he needed to step in.

Two days after the shootings, when the blood remained on the sidewalk, it was 18-year-old Lamon Reccord, who lived four blocks away, who scrubbed it down.

“I cleaned the blood up and I wasn’t my first time doing (it),” Lamon says.  “Because our children walk on that sidewalk  every day to go to school.  They should not have to see that blood every day to remind them of what happened.”

On Friday night, Lamon cleaned inside Nadia’s Fish and Chicken a few blocks away.  He cleaned up the blood of other victims. Four of the seven shot and killed in 12 hour period late last week in South Shore happened at the restaurant.

While businesses are responsible for cleaning crime scenes inside, when it happens on a public way, like the sidewalk at 71st and Yates, CPD is supposed to call the fire department to wash the blood away.

Lamon says he cleaned both to send a message.

“From Thursday until Saturday, the police, not the fire department, nobody had the audacity (nor) the heart to clean that up,” he says. “(They did not) think about how the blood on the ground can affect lives.”

Lamon continues,  “I feel as if I have to do it again. If police or biohazard unit don’t do it, this guy will.”



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