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CHICAGO — A week after Donald Trump was elected president, the protests continue.  Today it was college students gathering at campuses across the nation, including Chicago, exercising their First Amendment right.

A group of protesters began to gather at University of Chicago around 3 p.m.

Northwestern students are planning a rally at 8 p.m..

Earlier, at UIC and campuses across the state and country, college students rallied in support of each other.  They are protesting peacefully and say they just want president-elect Trump to hear them.

Yasmeen Elagha, a Muslim-American who’s family is Palestinian, says because of all the hate filled rhetoric before Donald Trump was elected, she’s afraid, all because she wears a headdress.

“Since the election I’ve been more scared to go out personally,” she said.  “(I have) fears for self and fear for my  family.”


Josh Kibitlewski says Bernie Sanders was his candidate and because he didn’t connect with Trump or Hillary Clinton, he admits he didn’t vote.

“I see a lot of different opinions among by friends and them being rude to each other,” he said.   “I don’t like seeing that.  All the hate and anger, it’s just not a good time.”

Nor for Maggie Reilly who voted for the president-elect.

“I think it’s really good for everyone to show what they stand for but I think we all need start working together,” she said.  “Keep in mind everyone’s views at once.”

The National Network “Student Action” is encouraging a “Stop Trump” National Campus Walkout Day.

On Monday, students in Ohio, California, Oregon, Colorado, and Maryland demonstrated.