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In Chicago, developments in Rome could not be more exciting if you are Latino and at a Jesuit school, two big firsts about the new Pope.

And students at one Chicago high school are thrilled.

Cristo Rey Catholic High School held an early morning assembly today. Teachers there want students to learn about the new Pope.  They think the he is more like the students at the school than the kids may know. Cristo Rey is Jesuit and the student population at the school is 100% Hispanic. The Pope comes from the same background. The deep connection, teachers hope, will inspire these young minds.

Faculty hope the kids will want to live their lives in service, as Pope Francis has over the years, by serving those in their own neighborhoods today.

The school also requires students to hold legitimate jobs outside of their class work, even taking the bus to work sometimes, just as the Pope did as a Cardinal in Buenos Aires. There, he also cooked his own meals and chose to live in a modest apartment.

The future of the church, the youth, is already responding with excitement about a man who has risen to such heights and who comes from a similar place. He gives them hope that great things lie ahead for them as well.