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CHICAGO — The city of Chicago is continuing a popular program for people who want to become land owners.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday the Large Lots land sale program will open the first week of December. This is the eighth annual Large Lots Program.

Approximately 4,000 vacant lots on the city’s South, Southwest and West sides will be sold to nearby residents for just $1 each.

More than 2,000 lots have been sold through the program. All sales are intended to support residential uses, with most lots being planned as side yards, community gardens or landscaped open spaces.

The city found when lots are owned the streets are cleaner, safer and quieter. The community also becomes more involved because many of the lots are used for gardens.

To qualify as a buyer, an applicant must own property on the same block, be current on property taxes and have no outstanding debt to the City, such as parking tickets or water bills, among other requirements.

You can apply for one of the lots at