CPS classes canceled for Thursday; Contract talks continue

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CHICAGO — Chicago Public School classes will be canceled again Thursday as contract talks continue.

Thursday will mark one week since teachers walked off the job. Students will have missed six days of classes.

Union leaders said late Thursday that both sides have now reached about 80 tentative agreements but major issues, like class size, remain. They said they will continue to bargain and hit the streets until a deal is done.

“Momentum has been slowed by the mayor’s inability to give her bargaining team the resources for enforcement,” CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates said. “We are moving. (But) We can’t sign off on it.”

Teachers and supporters will be back on the picket lines Thursday. They will be joined by the president of the flight attendant union. CTU is also holding civil disobedience training for teachers


Earlier Wednesday, teachers took their strike downtown.

Thousands of teachers, parents, students and other supporters marched in the streets and converged on City Hall to rally ahead of, during, and after Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s budget address.

The union is holding firm to its demand for smaller class sizes and more support staff. Picketers accuse Lightfoot of misplacing priorities, shortchanging CPS and reneging on her campaign promises.

“This is exactly what democracy looks like,” said CPS special education teacher Hilario Dominguez. “It’s to remind the mayor that the people that got her elected, some of those people are out here on the streets, right? And they want her to listen to them. They want her to know that the priority should be our schools.”





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