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CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools will welcome their students back to their classrooms Wednesday morning after a week-long impasse with the teachers union.

After a long battle between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union, here’s what both sides tentatively agreed on:

  • In-person learning starts Jan. 12 for CPS students.
  • More weekly testing, and more vaccinations.
  • CPS and CTU could not agree to have students in remote learning until next week.
  • School buildings would close for five days if 30% of teachers are positive or in quarantine for two days in a row and if substitute teachers aren’t available to keep absences below 25%. The same would happen if 40% of students are positive or in quarantine.

This still isn’t enough for some teachers. At Park Manor Elementary, the school has been hit hard by COVID-19.

Teachers there said the district is pushing to return to in-person learning while certain schools in different neighborhoods are dealing with trying to dodge getting sick.

In the meantime, teachers still must vote on the tentative deal, which is expected to happen later Wednesday.