Chicago popcorn maker Garrett buying Frango mints brand

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Close up of Garrett's Popcorn (left) and a 2005 Marshall Field's State Street window featuring Frango Mints
Close up of Garrett’s Popcorn (left) and a 2005 Marshall Field’s State Street window featuring Frango Mints

CHICAGO — Chicago’s famous Frango chocolate brand is being sold to the city most famous popcorn company.

Department store chain Macy’s Inc. announced Monday it’s selling Frango mints to Chicago-based Garrett Brands, the Oprah Winfrey favorite that owns Garrett Popcorn Shops. The companies didn’t disclose the price.

Macy’s will still sell Frango chocolates at its locations across the country. The chocolates were a signature brand of Chicago’s Marshall Field’s department store, which Federal Department Stores purchased in 2005 and converted to Macy’s.

Garrett Brands CEO Lance Chody says the company plans to “expand the reach and offerings” of the brand. But spokeswoman Michelle Molise tells the Chicago Tribune that Garrett Popcorn Shops won’t sell Frango products.

Frango has been around for more than a century and has roots in Chicago and Seattle.


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