Chicago police play Santa for a day

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It’s a cold December morning in Englewood… but on this weekend before the big day, officers from Chicago’s police department are going door to door delivering Christmas cheer.

Jeff Moore, 7th District ‘Santa’ has “served over here for a number of years, seen a lot, you just fall for these kids.”

Officer Jeff Moore’s helped Santa out in the 7th district for two years now, giving away donated toys to those with the greatest need.

“It’s a poor community and they don’t get a lot. So just to be able to come in here and see the smiles,” he said.

This year, the community donated hundreds of gifts to be given away.

Officer Angela Wormley, Chicago police 7th district, said “to know the need and know that we can’t fill all of it but we do our best.”

400 gifts alone, came from Suhail Fakhouri, an Englewood business owner, said “Not everyone is as fortunate as I am and for me to give and just to see the smile on the kids face.”

Pamela Lee is a mother and grateful for the gifts, “Everything counts” she said, “because some kids just aren’t fortunate and I’m glad you guys gave us this blessing.”

A reminder that even during the toughest times a welcomed gift can come along.


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