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CHICAGO – Chicago Police released new crime statistics for the month of March.

“There’s not room for celebration yet, but I am encouraged by the numbers that we saw,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Chicago saw a reduction in violence in March. Here are the statistics provided by the police department:

  • 37 Murders
  • 168 Shooting incidents
  • 209 Shooting victims
  • 20 of 22 Police districts saw a reduction or remained flat in shootings
  • 15 Districts saw a reduction or remained flat in murder
  • For the month, shootings declined by 92 incidents, that’s a 35% reduction
  • For the year, shootings are down by 96, that’s a 15% change
  • For the month murders declined by 5, a 12% change
  • For the year, murders are down by 6, a 4% change
  • For the month, shooting victims declined by 96, a 12% change
  • For the year, shooting victims are down by 81, a 10% change


Murders declined for the second consecutive month in March. That’s the first time that’s happened in Chicago since August 2014.

Johnson credits the decline to several new policies that have been implemented. The Englewood and Harrison districts have adopted CPD’s new predictive policing strategy which puts district intelligence and data-driven enforcement at the center of the crime fight.

“We put in some predictive analytics in some of the districts and we are seeing huge progress in terms of reducing violent crimes, so it’s very encouraging,” said Johnson.