50 officers dedicated to CTA as part of mayor’s new safety plan

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CHICAGO — Fifty officers and detectives will be dedicated to CTA as part of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago police's new CTA safety plan.

The mayor along with the city's interim top cop and the CTA president announced their new plan at the Roosevelt Red Line station Friday. The plan was enacted in response to recent crimes on CTA trains.

The 50 officers will be tracked at a central location. This is the first time individual officers will be tracked using GPS technology — that will allow dispatchers to deploy the closest officers to track down offenders. The hope is that these officers will be able to deter crimes from happening on public transit lines.

“This means more officers with tools to respond to crime as soon as it happens but also to raise the visibility of officers on the CTA system to make sure if there’s an issue that riders have somebody they can go to right away  but also I think the visibility will deter some of the petty crime we’ve seen on the CTA," Lightfoot said.

Recently Chicago police used uniformed SWAT officers along transit lines. They will return to their normal duties once these additional 50 officers are deployed which is expected to happen starting March 4.


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