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CHICAGO — Chicago police say they’ve made arrests in some shootings this year.

Interim Police Superintendent John Escalante says suspects are in custody in the shootings of two teenagers Jan. 5.

Escalante says many shootings these days are fueled by social media, with gangs taunting each other over the Internet.

“It’s the new way of taunting, challenging other gangs. It’s the modern way of gang graffiti,” says Escalante.

Chicago police have a social media unit that monitors sites when they know there are brewing turf wars or things are getting violent, but they can’t watch everyone. Social media is one of the reasons interim police superintendent John Escalante believes there’s been an uptick in crime in the first two weeks of 2016. 127 people were shot 21 people killed.  Most were gang related.

Escalante also expressed frustration about a lack of cooperation from witnesses. He said people not only withhold information, they also give false information to disrupt investigations.