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CHICAGO — The numbers say it all – 60 people were murdered in Chicago in the month of September alone.

The month had consecutive weekends with over 50 people shot.

It’s also the deadliest September since 2002.

Overall, in 2015, murders are up 21 percent and shootings are up 19 percent in the city.

Police officials blame the availability of illegal guns and repeat offenders on the streets.

According to CPD, police recovered more than 5,419 illegal guns, and made 2,242 gun related arrests, this year.

Police Superintendent McCarthy announced some changes to the Department’s efforts to reduce gun violence.

They include assigning detectives to every illegal gun possession case.  The police department will use the information from those investigations to  arrest and prosecute anyone who illegally transferred or sold the gun at any point in its history.

Detectives are also being embedded in each police district to improve collaboration and community intelligence.

Certain city services, such as street light repairs, will be prioritized for high crime areas to support the work officers are doing.

“While there has been less crime overall in Chicago, murders and shootings are impacting our communities and our residents far too frequently, and our work will not be done until we eliminate the violence,” said Superintendent McCarthy. “We will continue to build on our strategy that targets illegal guns, violent criminals, and retaliatory gang shootings. Yet we as a society have to demand that our laws reflect our values, because to reduce violence for the long-term we need better state and federal laws to keep illegal guns off of our streets and punish the criminals who carry them.”